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Baked blue and painted steel strip (material: Q195-345B; tensile strength: 585-900Mpa):
0.36*12.7mm; 0.5*16mm; 0.6*16mm; 0.5*19mm; 0.6*19mm; 0.7*19mm; 0.7*25mm; 0.8*25mm; 0.8*32mm; 0.9*19; 0.9*25mm; 0.9*32mm, etc. Other specifications can be produced according to user requirements, and cold-rolled steel buckles and galvanized steel buckles and galvanized steel buckles are available in various specifications.
Your criticism will also be the biggest driving force for us to continue to improve and improve.
PET plastic strip
0.6*12mm; 0.6*16mm; 0.7*16mm; 0.8*16mm; 1.0*19mm; 1.25*25mm, etc. (Other specifications can be produced according to user requirements).
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